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Sophia Wallace

The GAG LOVES Sophia Wallace’s project Clitoracy!

In May 2014, I invited the public to join me in helping the Whitney Museum of American Art with its illCLITERACY problem. My intervention included a new technology called CLITglass which can be worn by anyone interested in neutral vision. When viewers gaze through the perspective of the clit, phallocentric hubris in Museum exhibitions is filtered out,  allowing the viewer to attain neutral vision. CLITglass can also be worn at work, while watching television or even at the gym. The second part of my intervention was creating CLITforms in primary colors. I excluded the color white, as the Whitney Museum seems to have white covered. Participants were invited to play a game “Put A Clit On It” whereby placing the unknown, un-curated CLITforms wherever they saw fit, in the Museum. For one night, we CLITdazzled the Whitney. You can see more of the intervention by following #CLITglass #PutAClitOnIT #WhiBi2014

My intervention was part of The Clitney Perennial which included 25+ artists and was organized by Go Push Pops and Anne Sherwood Pundyk.

-Sophia Wallace

Check out more of Wallace’s work here.

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