THE Gynocratic Art Gallery

value the brain & cut the priviledge

‘Liquids, Creams and Gels’ upcoming in 2018

Curated by Mariko Paterson, NS –
Reid Flock, ON –
Sami Tsang, ON-

Natalie Waddell, ON-

Jeannie Pappas, ON-

Callie Beller, AB-

Kaitlyn Brennan, ON-

Kaleb Romano, AB-

Chase Benjamin Plourde, NB-

Shaun Mallonga, BC-

Amanda Kopos, ON- @spicyfritters Instagram

Therese Bombardier, NS –

Toni Losey, NS-

Andrew Tarrant, AB-

Kaas Ghanie, NS- @kaas.g Instagram

Julian Covey, NS-

Carole Epp, SK –

Kate Grey, NS-

Pansy Ass Ceramics, ON-

Ciro di Ruocco, BC-

Elsa Brittin, ON-

Amelia Butcher, BC –

Bridget Fairbank, BC, FL-

Dianne Lee, ON –

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