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I hope that we are able to visit many of these reading worthy places while in Barcelona!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.33.07 PM.pngCafé Els Quatre Gats

One of the most touristy cafés in Barcelona, Els Quatre Gats is hidden on a narrow street behind the more bustling shopping pedestrian avenue, Portal del Angel. The original café was open only for six years, between 1897 and 1903, but it gathered such a fame that it was reopened in 1989 after restoring it to its original condition. In its day, the café was the meeting point of modernist artists like Antoni Gaudi, Pablo Picasso or the poet Rubén Dario. They even published a literary review for a few years, to promote the Catalan modernism. Touristy as it is, it would be a pity to miss it. Stop by for a drink at least to inhale the breathable artsy and literary air of Barcelona in the 1900s.


Els Quatre Gats, Carrer de Montsió, 3, Barcelona, Spain. +34 933 02 41 40


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