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Festa Major de Gracia this August in Barcelona!

Festa Major de Gracia

Danielle Hogan will be giving a talk at JIWAR the second week of August focusing on her project on Festa Major de Gracia and on her work with The GAG. Check it out if you’re going to be in Barcelona!

The Festa Major de Gràcia has been relatively little analyzed from the point of view of historical and anthropological or sociological. It is a relatively young festival itself, however, as the population of Grace. A small rural village, in the nineteenth century experiencing a mutation extraordinary city as artisans, laborers and small traders. Of the 3,062 inhabitants in 1828, passed to 61,935 in 1875.

This pattern of agricultural San Isidro on May 15, passed a festive celebration around August 15. In this sense, historians have not agreed whether this new sponsorship is the Virgin of August, or a day later, on August 16, San Roque.

Although often occurs as data oldest festival, a note appeared in the newspaper in Barcelona on August 19, 1827, there is a celebration oldest reference provided by Francesc Curet . Historian argues that, as a result of forced relocation by the destruction of the Franciscan convent of the district of Jesus: “… The year 1817 was held in Can Trilla, gathering for the Virgin of August was the former convent of Jesus. We must retain this memorable date in the annals of Grace, that marks the beginning of the Gràcia festival on the day of the Assumption … “ (” Barcelonines Visions, Beyond Walls “p.37. Ed.Dalmau and Jover. 1956).

By contrast another historian Peter Duart , explains how a memory lived in his childhood (late nineteenth century) that “… a couple of months before the festival every Sunday passed his casket, they called San Roque around the neighborhood … “ (Bulletin of the Club Hiker of Grace,” never Back “, August 1930. no.67. p.97)

In any event, the Festival is consolidated in the mid and late nineteenth century, it was defined in a more civic than religious, under the impulse of many workers and recreational organizations, or as Ateneus Dance Company.

Here are some examples of the decorations from various streets at last year’s festival!

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