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Top chef Ruscalleda in Barcelona

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Story of a chef

I learnt my craft growing up in a family of farmers and shopkeepers whose values were based on the importance of high-quality work and ingredients, and those values are still with me today. When I decided to open the Sant Pau, I did it because of my determination to use top-quality ingredients and combine them creatively. These are the values that have underpinned my husband Toni Balam’s and my work since the day we opened. Working rigorously and respectfully has enabled us to achieve our most important objectives. My cooking is inspired by Catalan recipes based on ingredients from the Maresme region. I try to cook modern, creative Catalan dishes.

Carme Ruscalleda

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Can you describe the philosophy of the restaurant Sant Pau?

The restaurant Sant Pau goes for developing a cuisine committed to nature, emotion and health. It has always worked on the long tradition of Catalan cuisine. In fact, if we have a look to the map of Catalonia, each region has its own gastronomy. Therefore, it is absolutely important to promote local cuisine because it makes you different, interesting. It is essential that gastronomy helps to protect local economy: fishers of the area, farmers who raises livestock or those who produce vegetables.


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