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Drap Art; tea anyone?

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These super cool recycled pieces, by Dr Unic, are available at the Drap Art online shop.

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From Barcelona’s Drap Art:

Drap-Art co-organizes the Sitges Reciclart

Today climate change is an undeniable reality and the pollution of the environment through waste generated by humans does not stop. Much of the debris unfortunately ends up in the sea, becoming a global problem.

Sitges Recicl’art is an event dedicated to environmental awareness approached from the perspective of art: The aim is to reflect on the large amount of waste generated due to current consumption habits, and to find a creative reuse for materials that are rejected every day, by promoting creative recycling and encouraging a more responsible consumer attitude.

Recicl’art intends to open a market for the art, design and crafts of recycling, emphasizing the problem of waste in a fun and festive way, and at the same time promoting local galleries and artists, encouraging a creative and sustainable economy.

With these objectives in common an organizing committee was formed by different entities and institutions, such as Drap-Art, the Posidonia Green Friends Festival, InMusic, the Center for Marine Studies of the Barcelona Provincial Council CEM and the Delegate Council for Culture of the Sitges City Council, and Sitges Recicl’art was born.

Drap-Art is the entity responsible for organizing the exhibition which will run from June 9 to September 17, in the Miramar Building and together with the Posidonia Green Friends Festival, also the Eco-Fair.

If you can’t make it to Barcelona this summer, perhaps you might be able to make it to Pittsburg?! Check this out!


Drap-Art will be a central part of the new RE:New Festival which it helped create, in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Pittsburgh Geater Arts Council, the Andy Warhol and Carnegie Mellon Museums, among others.
From September 9 to Octuber 9.

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