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A place that we are supper excited to learn more about is Barcelona’s Duduá. On their website, they explain a bit about their mission:

Duduá Barcelona is a producer specializing in handmade things. We believe that a good idea, lovingly made by trained hands, can be the world of good. We have recovered several techniques of the past and have been updated, providing a more contemporary vision. Since 2006, when we started in a small shop-gallery Borne, we have evolved to our new premises of the Diluvi Street Gracia, with a large wooden table and plenty of space to unleash creativity.Yes, the spirit remains the same: to carry out any activity that makes us happy. throughout these years, thousands of people have passed through Duduá. In our creative workshops they have learned that what they did their grandmothers can be a great tool to create and develop ideas handmade with love, always in a fun and friendly atmosphere. In parallel to our courses, we have begun working with festivals, brands , magazines, advertising agencies and media, providing an artisan value to their projects. Among others, we have collaborated in events like Sónar, advertising campaigns for l’Illa, Adidas or the City of Mataró.

Since 2009 we organized the Festivalet, an independent craft fair and design has become a benchmark in our country with five editions behind.
Through the guerrilla crochet, we have also taken to the streets to reclaim public space in parks and gardens of the city.
in short, we believe the world is a better and nicer place knitting and sewing everything imaginable, which is something …

We will definitely get a report back to you all from Duduá this August!


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One comment on “Duduá

  1. Annette Sercerchi
    July 6, 2016

    That picture so reminded me of winding yarn into a ball from a skein. Do you remember the technique of holding the skein taunt between two outstretched hands while I rolled. Perhaps it was your Dad who helped me. I know I didit hundreds of time for a Mum. As they say Thanks for the memories, Mum

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